Trioliet Feeding Technology

Tried and tested robot mixer to suit all farm sizes from 50 cows upwards

Feeding up to 12 times in a 24 hour period.

Suitable for beef, dairy and sheep farms.

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Sieplo – Feeding Systems of the Future

Sieplo bucket with vertical auger mixer is the ideal solution for cutting, mixing, weighing and dispensing of feed including maize, grass, straw, alfalfa and pellets.

Allowing for the extraction of up to 4000 litres* of feed from the pit in one single visit helps to improve productivity whilst the vertical mixing system creates a light and homogeneous mixture.
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Wasserbauer Butler Gold, Robotic Feed Pusher

The Butler Gold automated feed pusher is the only feed pusher using a spiral auger design, for proven gains in dry matter intake.

Unlike existing products in the market, the Butler Gold does not compact the forage when pushing it towards the fence. The Butler Gold has a unique, spiral auger design which loosens and mixes the ration whilst pushing it towards the feed fence.
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