Trioliet Feeding Technology

Specialists in feeding technology since 1950

Gibson Automated Livestock Technology presents:

Tried and tested robot mixer to suit all farm sizes from 50 cows upwards

  • Feeding up to 12 times in a 24 hour period.
  • Suitable for beef, dairy and sheep farms.
  • Simple to use 24/7 service and support.
  • Robot provides an accurate feed report and feed stock management.

Robot mixer uses 2 twin stream vertical augers which is unique design to Trioliet

Feeding Robot Models:

  • Triomatic T10 – 3 m3 stand alone feeding robot.
  • Triomatic T20 – 7 – 46 m3 static mixer & feeding robot.
  • Triomatic T30 – 18m3 feed bunker (per bunker) & feeding robot.
  • Triomatic T40 – feed kitchen with walking floors (approx 9t of grass silage per floor, 16t of maize silage up to 8 floors & feeding robot.
  • NEW Triomatic T15 – wheel operated feeding robot.