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Expert Witness Reports

Ideally your system performs to the standard you want and hopefully exceeds your expectations, however some times the case arises when things go wrong.

We provide specialist “Expert Witness” reports in robotic milking and automated feeding disputes. Simple issues are usually settled by negotiation perhaps mediation, few disputes ever actually reach court. However, as the farmer tends to be the ‘small guy’ disputes tend to end up being unfair in the way he can be treated. As a businessman in the eyes of the law the farmer will not qualify for some forms of free advice or legal protection. As a business owner it is expected that you would check all contracts you enter into knowingly. We know this is simply not the case and all too often large companies can exploit this and suppress farmers from making claims when they have every right to.

Common problems can be from simple mistakes made by the supplier or a third party contractor resulting in milk losses or milk quality deductions or more serious problems incurred by the failure of the system due to inability to meet the demands of what was agreed it would do or could produce.