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Help to Buy Robotic Milking & Feeding Machines

Tim Gibson help to buy robotic milking machines

Negotiating the Mine Field of Options

With the multitude of robotic milking and feeding systems available in the market, it’s increasingly challenging to select the most suitable one for your farm.

We offer assistance in navigating through the array of options and provide a summary of the key differences between the choices you’re considering.

Our client roster encompasses users of various makes and models of robots, enabling us to connect you with current users. This allows you to have independent and confidential conversations or meetings with them.

It’s not uncommon for systems to initially have inflated prices, with manufacturers offering significant discounts to secure deals. Our expertise in system pricing enables us to provide genuinely unbiased advice on what you should be paying for your chosen system and where to find competitive prices, ensuring you receive a fair quote.

While price is important, purchasing the right system is about making a long-term investment. We can help ensure that you make the right choice, rather than just settling for what’s available at the moment.