Help to Buy

Negotiating the Mine Field of Options

With so many makes of robotic milking and feeding systems on the market it is becoming increasingly difficult to select the most appropriate one for you and your farm.

We can help navigate through the various options presented to you and make a summary of the key points of difference between the options you face.

Our client list includes users of all different makes and models of robot so we can also put you in touch with current users of the systems so you can independently and privately talk or meet with them.

It is not uncommon for systems to be initially “marked up”and for manufacturers to discount large sums of money in order to win deals. Our knowledge of the pricing of systems allows us to be the only expert that can give you truly unbiased advice on what you should be paying for the system you opt for and where to obtain competitive prices to ensure the price you are quoted is appropriate.

Price is not always everything and buying right is also about buying once. We can help ensure you get what’s right, and not just what was on offer on the day.