The universal sampler for all milking robots

Suits Fullwood Merlin, Lely, Delaval VMS, Galaxy, GEA

The Ori-Collector allows you to retrieve a sample of milk for each cow that is milked by means of a milking robot (A3 type and above).

The System provides 3 functions:

  1. the transport of milk from the point of collection of the milking robot;
  2. filling a calibrated milk sample;
  3. the movement of the turntable that contains 90 samples

The Ori-Collector sampler is a rotating system in which the set of samples is in motion, in order to maintain the filling system

The system is easily transportable, and must be supplied with compressed air. It consists of a double crown, the upper part in stainless steel, the bottles, and the lower part in PVC which serves as a support.

The upper part is crenellated, allowing it to move by means of a pneumatic cylinder. Milk taken from the milking robot is sent to
a calibrated buffer tank, the cylinder is activated to carry out the filling of the bottle via the filling nozzle


The system works in 5 stages:

  1. Waiting for the sample
  2. Transport of milk
  3. Sample calibration
  4. Filling the bottles
  5. Moving the samples

The system uses the robot controls by compressed air, and
transports the milk by gravity into the sampler.


  • Lightweight – 10kg
  • Ease of Connection
  • Simplicity of the System
  • Ease of Sampling
  • Low Maintence
  • Simple Construction
  • Reliable
  • 90 bottles
  • Phone Connected