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Tim Gibson Ltd consultancy contract negotiations

Ongoing Contract Negotiations

Many manufacturers offer a service contract either as part of the sales agreement or as an after sales agreement.

We believe that contracts work both ways, or at least they should do!! We help to ensure that if you decide to sign up to a contract your interests are covered and that the contract provides what you expect. Equally, where no contract is offered we have written service agreements in order to protect farmers, with highly technical machines, to have peace of mind that the system is maintained or repaired as and when it should be.

A service contract is often only just that; it provides just service, we can examine the small print and highlight what costs you should expect to incur for your system. Ongoing costs associated with automated feeding and milking can be where some manufacturers aim to make their main income, so the system with the lowest initial cost purchase is not always the long term lowest cost system to operate.