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Product Description

Our specialised line of cleaning solutions are designed specifically for milking robots. Our meticulously formulated chemicals are engineered to deliver thorough cleaning while safeguarding against corrosion and damage to delicate components, all without the use of chlorine. Compliant with industry standards for milk buyers, our products ensure both cleanliness and safety.

As the exclusive importer of this renowned product line in the UK, we bring you the very best in milking robot cleaning technology. Widely trusted and utilized throughout Holland and Belgium, our range surpasses even the manufacturer’s own branded offerings in popularity and effectiveness.

Each shipment comes complete with comprehensive data sheets, and our commitment to quality extends to matching UN product numbers to the manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring compatibility and performance.

Explore our range tailored to your specific needs:

  • Gib-san RED Acid Cleaner: Ideal for removing milk stone buildup in robot milk lines, recommended for every third wash cycle. Available in convenient 22kg cans or 220kg barrels, also suitable for use in DX bulk milk tank auto washing systems.
  • Gib-san BLUE Alkaline Cleaner: Perfect for regular washing of robot milk lines, recommended for every second wash cycle. Available in practical 25kg cans or 250kg barrels, also compatible with DX bulk milk tank auto washing systems.
  • Gib-san GREEN Pro Brush Cleaner: Specifically formulated for electric and air-operated teat cleaning brushes on robots, also suitable for backflush systems in parlours. Exclusively available in 22kg can size.

With the challenges of logistics and fluctuating chemical prices please contact us today via phone or email to discuss pricing and shipping.

Trust in our expertise and join countless dairy professionals who rely on our products for pristine cleanliness and unparalleled performance.

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