KVIA Molly Cow Brush

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Product Description

The cow brush for intensive grooming

When it comes to grooming, Molly is the ultimate cow brush. This brush has an extra feature with a top brush. The top brush provides an intensive, stimulating, and deep grooming of the head, back and tail area. The intensive brushing has a high preventive impact on many forms of skin conditions. The lower part of the brush grooms and stimulate the back and sides. Intensive brushing produces a clean and shiny coat. The brush is attached to a universal joint which facilitates free movement and provides optimal grooming. Molly is one of the few brushes that can serve several cows simultaneously.

More welfare, more milk, less power

Molly starts via a motion sensor the moment a cow pushes the brush. The brush pauses automatically if it has not been activated for 50 seconds. After each start-up, the brush changes rotational direction. This feature extends the wear and tear of the brush elements. Overload protection ensures the brush stopping automatically if a cow tail becomes entangled in the brush. We designed Molly with quality and sustainability in mind. The structure and brush bearings are made with components that guarantee a long-lasting brush with low maintenance costs. Molly is made of stainless steel and features a helical gear that drives the brush with an impressive 98% efficiency which results in a significant reduction in energy consumption. What makes Molly so special is the special energy saving feature, using 50% less power, in comparison with similar cow brushes on the market. The motor and helical gear are fixed on a bracket that does not swing with the brush, thereby preventing broken cables. The control system of Molly is completely unique, featuring frequency control for soft start/stop. To power the brush, simply plug it into an ordinary earthed socket (230 volts).


  • Tail protection – in case of overload, the brush changes the direction of rotation and rotates twice
  • Stainless-steel structure and brush bearing
  • Low energy consumption – saves 50% power compared to similar brushes on the market
  • The universal joint facilitates free movement
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Frequency control with soft start/stop function
  • Changes rotational direction with each start-up
  • Extended 2-year warranty period on the technical components
  • Quick and easy brush replacement


  • The brush construction and brush head are made of stainless steel
  • Secured against maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption – saves 50% power compared to similar brushes on the market
  • Service and maintenance friendly brush that comes with 1 year warranty
  • A cow brush with frequency control and automatic start-stop function
  • The brush changes direction of rotation after each start-up
  • In case of high resistance, e.g. if the tail gets tangled, the brush automatically changes rotational direction
  • The brush stops at 70 degrees

The Molly brush is available in 2 different models. With PE or Nylon brushes.

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