Sieplo – Feeding Systems of the Future

Load – Mix – Weigh – Dispense

Manufactured from stainless steel in The Netherlands, the Sieplo bucket with vertical auger mixer is the ideal solution for cutting, mixing, weighing and dispensing of feed including maize, grass, straw, alfalfa and pellets. Allowing for the extraction of up to 4000 litres* of feed from the pit in one single visit helps to improve productivity whilst the vertical mixing system creates a light and homogeneous mixture. The Sieplo mixer bucket is suitable for a range of loaders, forklifts and tractors, the bucket weighs and dispenses the mixed feed whilst being driven.

  • Short mix time
  • Mix and dispense in one operation
  • Double sided dispense, amount can be adjusted using a dosing slide
  • Maintenance free
  • High load capacity due to low machine weight
  • Wireless control using SIEPLO control unit
  • *Choose from 640 – 4000 litres

Options Available:

  • Weighing system to allow for accurate dispensing and bespoke rations
  • Abrasion proof side-shift
  • Cutting blades on augers and side blades on bucket
  • Tractor/forklift tipping frame
  • Silage cutter
  • Camera and display